Cultivating & Nurturing Mental Well-being in the Workplace

There’s a growing need for mental well-being in the workplace, as business owners and leaders begin to understand its impact on everything from corporate culture to talent acquisition, overall performance and company revenue.

– As a business owner or leader where do you start?
– If you already have something in place, how do you know if it’s enough?
– As an employee, how do you advocate for change in your workplace?

We were delighted to be joined by our esteemed panelists to answer these questions.

– Debbie Pearmain, Leadership and Employee Trainer and ACC Coach, Mental Health & Wellness Consultant
– Sean Raible, Mental Health & HR Operations Consultant with Game Plan Total Rewards

Watch the recording to learn about the topic of mental well-being in the workplace and gain expert insights.


May 05 2021

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